Is Laser Therapy Safe?

What Is Laser Therapy?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates certain areas of the body with low-powered lasers. Research has shown laser therapy to be efficient in treating various issues such as pain, injuries and addictions. But is it safe?

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

To put it simply, yes, laser therapy is considered to be generally very safe. It has been used for many years and has demonstrated its efficacy with only a few reported side-effects via rigorous scientific studies and clinical application. The only precaution for every treatment is that patients must wear specialized glasses to protect against laser entering their eyes — these glasses will be provided by a therapist.

Potential Contra-indications

In regards to contra-indications, there are relatively few absolute contra-indications for laser therapy. The two main ones are that laser therapy is not applied over the fetus area when someone is pregnant (elsewhere is safe) and laser is not applied over any known malignancy or cancerous area. In addition, certain glands should be avoided such as the thalamus. Almost all medications are safe with laser therapy. In some cases when someone is taking a medication that makes them photosensitive, adjustments are made in terms of dosage to minimize minor adverse reactions. With this being said, it is important during a health history intake with a laser professional to disclose all information related to medications and health issues.

No Risk Of Burning With Low-Level Laser Therapy

The main reason this therapy is considered so safe is because it utilizes low-level lasers that do not create heat or cause any harm to the skin or tissues underneath. Low-level laser therapy can even be applied over metal and ceramic implants in the joints or similar. Laser therapy is a gentle modality that works by supplying energy to the targeted areas of body in the form of billions of photons of light that on a cellular level is transformed into chemical energy. This chemical energy is then utilized by the body to commence accelerated tissue repair and other strong healing effects.

In conclusion, laser therapy is considered to be a very safe treatment that promotes strong healing responses in the body.

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